Claim time.  This will probably be a stressful time for you as a homeowner. Not only has your house been damaged by the elements, but now you have to turn in a claim. You may think that everything is covered because that is what insurance is for right?  Or you may think that it is not covered and you don’t want to turn in the claim to your insurance company.  Any damage to your home should be turned into the insurance company if it will exceed your deductible.

Why People Are Afraid to Turn in Storm Damage Claims

  • They believe they will be penalized with a premium increase
  • They don’t believe the damage will be a covered claim
  • They don’t want to deal with the hassle of an adjuster coming out
  • They are not sure of the process

Why You Should Turn in Storm Damage Claims

First of all, you pay the premium right?  You probably don’t like paying for something you don’t use, although not using your insurance is a great thing because it means you haven’t had any damage.  However, if you are already paying for it then there is no harm in turning in the claim.  Besides,  unless you have taken an insurance course, you probably don’t know all that your policy does and does not cover. Turning in the claim and having an adjuster determine if It is covered or not is the best way to find out.

Common Covered Claims

Many homeowners insurance policies have standard coverage.  These include fire, lightning, wind, and hail.  So should any of these storm type damages occur, give your agent a call.  A common misconception is water damage.  A flood loss is generally excluded on a homeowners policy.  So if you are concerned about a flood loss, be sure to talk to your agent about flood insurance.

The Claim Process

Cloud and RainNow that you have decided to report the claim let’s talk about how the process goes.

  • Check the damage and take photos if possible – It is always best to have documentation of any and all claims. In addition to this it is important to keep inventory of your items inside the home should they get damaged as well.
  • Call your agent or insurance company – now you will report the claim. They will ask things like when the damage occurred, what damage there is, what exactly happened to cause the damage, and if you took proper steps to protect your stuff. They will be able to walk you through the rest of the process
  • Be cooperative with your adjuster and get your own estimates – An adjuster will come out to assess the damage and if it will be covered or not. This is great, but you should also get your own estimates so that you are sure you are getting a fair settlement.  Give us a call for a free estimate of your storm damage

Having storm damage on your home can be devastating. Not knowing if you should turn in an insurance claim can be even worse.  You should always report your claims and do so in a timely fashion.  Call your agent or insurance company, and then give us a call to get you an estimate. You will be able to rest easy knowing you are in good hands.