Kitchens, often the second center of attention after your entertaining space. You do all of the food preparation, cooking, and where you curl up next to all of the food occasionally. At any large hosting event the kitchen is the center of attention with everyone peeking in to see if the food is ready yet, but do you really want you guests to see your kitchen in its current condition? Do you want your guests to expect to get food poisoning? Do you want your guests to look at your kitchen and wonder which dishes are clean because you do not have enough cabinet space for them? Don’t forget your floors, are they permanently damaged, just forever dirty, or don’t match your new cabinets? A proper contractor can help you with all of your kitchen woes. A contractor can take your plan and turn it into a reality without you lifting more than a finger.


Let’s talk more about cabinets. They may seem inconsequential at the time, but can end your explorations into cooking very quickly or you may find yourself keeping non kitchen items in the kitchen cabinets. You will start out with too much space, then the space will be filled with all of the little interesting tools that you never knew you needed. Leaping into a cooking adventure can be a hit and miss, but with your cabinets you can store all of the items that you only use once or you may stick with it and keep using them and more that you didn’t even know exist. The look of the cabinets are important as well when picking them out. The common materials for cabinets are solid wood and a decorative laminate veneer. Solid wood cabinets are the most durable of the two, they can withstand some abuse and still last a lifetime. The laminate veneer is not as durable as the solid wood option, however it can cost up to 55 percent less than the solid wood.


Floors, not much to be said, but they can make a world of difference. Nobody wants carpet in their kitchen, you are bound to spill something at some point and then the carpet is ruined. Tile is often the choice to combat this problem however, the grout between the tiles can become a victim of mold and water damage too. The other common options for floors are hardwoods vinyl and linoleum. Hardwoods look great on the floor and help create a high class feel, but part of the feel stems from the high price of the material, not the great look and physical feel that it has. Vinyl is similar to linoleum however it is very slightly cheaper, but it happens to not last as long. Linoleum looks great like hardwoods, but does not come at such a step price point comparatively. It is generally recommended to have a professional install linoleum floors as if installed improperly can lead to severe water damage. However the professional installation is worth it as a linoleum can last about 20 years. Modern Kitchen - Remodeled




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