Tips for Remodeling your Basement

Tips for Remodeling your Basement - whic is not to be confused with a mezzanine floor, a basement is actually the part of a structure such as a building which is entirely beneath ground level. Also known as a cellar, basements can provide additional storage and are commonly used for sundry activities such as laundry [...]

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Making the Old Look New Again – Siding

There are several different types of siding.  Some are more suited to one climate over another.  First, let’s look at the different types Vinyl Metal Wood Composite Wood (Engineeered) Brick Stucco Stone Faux Stone Fiber Cement Asbestos Cement Vinyl Vinyl is by far the least expensive and most popular.  It comes in every color, tint, [...]

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No Leak Skylight Unit Installation

Skylights in Denver,  are an effective way to bring in natural lighting into your house. There are several methods for a no leak skylight unit installation. A single skylight could drastically change a room by accumulating 30% natural light compared to a window. Until recently owning a roof slope determined if you ever could install [...]

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